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Mykonos View

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Welcome to Mykonos View
How would you like a once-in-a-lifetime experience that would lift you out of reality into a dream-like atmosphere and then set you down in a paradise on earth?

"Mykonos View" awaits you on the slopes of a hill looking down on the fashionable main town of Mykonos and the sea beyond, and conjuring up images of the days gone by. As you approach, you have the dream-like impression that a stone fortress and a traditional village are rising up through the music of sounds and colours composed by land and sea.

The "village" owes its perfection to the tender care of someone who loved the landscape and gave it his soul in order for the buildings to become a decoration worthy of it. With an inspiration all his own, he has combined the new with the traditional. Thus, the swimming pool is paired with chapel of Saint Marina, just as the fulfilment of the senses is bound to the memory of the landscape.

"Mykonos View" is situated a short distance of Hora (the main town), Mykonos. The independent walled-off grounds of the complex boast a private carpark, thus offering the perfect combination of quick access to the busy harbour area, security, peace and quiet.
Drawing inpiration from traditional Mykonos architecture, we have kept away from the usual holiday apartments and also from simplistic imitations of old buildings. Instead, we have created original surroundings and made an atmosphere which is both homely and full of the unexpected, using lively traditional elements and providing modern comforts.

The houses are grouped together harmoniously to form a multi-coloured collage made up of various shapes and numerous materials and levels.
The rooms differ from one another in both form and decoration. Ranging from the traditional stone-built Mykonos style to free designs, they enable you to enjoy such variety like pebbles on a beach. The rooms are fully equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, air-condition, TV and direct dial phone.

Room Types
- Studios
- Superior studios
- Apartments
- Maisonettes
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